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Our store Associates are the backbone of Stage — they are the heart of every town we serve. With over 820 stores in 38 states, there’s a location near you that’s the perfect fit.

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Support Center

The true hub of all operations, our support center is home to essential support staff, like merchandising, marketing, finance and IT. We’re ready to launch your career today!  

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Distribution Centers

Management and distribution of our inventory is a huge task. At each of our “DCs”, we are always looking for candidates that are focused, driven and have a knack for logistics.

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You Submitted an Application - What's Next?

The hiring process at Stage is as unique as the opportunities we offer. Find out what to expect after submitting your application and answers to other frequently asked questions here:

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Hear From Our Own Associates!

"I started working for the company in 1995 as a temporary Christmas hire and within months I was called back for a full time sales associate position. I worked in stores for about 8 months until I came to the HR Department. I have experienced a lot in my tenure with Stage and the company has more than doubled in size since I started." - Dianne, Support Center